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Stephen Bruton is a highly regarded and respected musician, producer, songwriter, actor, and social activist. Stephen lost his battle to cancer in 2009. 

The focus of this project is to establish the Stephen Bruton namesake “Artist Wellness Program” which will afford Artists free of a charge, advanced biomarker medical screening for the early detection of life threatening diseases like Cancer, Heart Disease and Type II Diabetes. The results from these screenings will be the artist’s baseline as they are provided a 90-day program that guides them towards healthier choices and a higher state of wellness. 

The screening is accomplished from a small blood sample and the use of advanced biomarker technology. The data obtained from these tests results is used to address the wellness needs of each artist in the program and to move them towards a higher state of health and functional well being. 

In 2007, the FORMAX Group along with it’s founding member Stephen Bruton; created, recorded and filmed an epic event in Austin, Texas called the “Road To Austin”. This content has since been post-produced into a 3.5-hour musical performance and documentary that will be released via Blu-ray disc and digital download in mid 2014. 

The proceeds from sales of this release will be used to establish a wellness initiative in Stephen Bruton’s name. Amongst many widely known artists involved with this project (including Bonnie Raitt, Delbert McClinton, Eric Johnson, Joe Ely), Kris Kristofferson is positioned as the voice and on camera host of the initiative. Kris Kristofferson and Stephen Bruton have a 40-year history together and often referred to each other as brothers. In addition to Kris Kristofferson, John Paul DeJoria (Paul Mitchel Systems, Patron Tequila) joins Mr. Kristofferson on camera in support of this initiative. 

The following pages offer a high level overview of the “Stephen Bruton Wellness Initiative”, “Artist Wellness Program”, and the “Road To Austin” documentary and performance compilation. The compilation chronicles Austin, Texas as the live music capital of the world. The up coming release contains 38-songs worth of performance footage, and reveals the last major performance from Stephen Bruton before his untimely death due to cancer.

This program has 4 major components that will be used to guide a participant from their current state of health and well being, and guides them towards a higher state of wellness and harmony. 

  • Advanced Biomarker Blood Testing 

  • Comprehensive individualized results reporting (HIPAA Compliant) 

  • Interactive Mobile/Desktop application and tracking software (wearable device) 

  • Associate Supplements and Resources 

The goal of this program is to help participants gain an in-depth understanding of their body’s current state of health, deliver individualized results to them in an easy to comprehend manner, provide them the supplements and guidance to move towards increased wellness, and give them the tools they need to track their daily progress. 

The Program 

Working Artists involved will be asked to commit to a 90-day assessment and adjustment program that will be afforded to them free of charge. The first step is a biomarker blood test that establishes their baseline current state of health and wellness. 

The biomarker personal health surveillance tests can identify an individual’s risk for serious conditions and diseases at their earliest, most treatable stage. These advanced health assessments measure blood-based biomarkers to evaluate an individual’s risk for cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other chronic health conditions. 

The comprehensive individualized results of these tests will be delivered to the Artist digitally via the Internet/mobile, and loaded into a software application that displays their results graphically along with a narrative summary explaining their results in a simple and easy to understand format. A program facilitator will review the results with the Artist participant and will answer questions.

Interview with Gary Fortin about the AWP and the film