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Music Extravaganza After Party

gary fortin

Well...FORMAX Group could not leave well enough alone and has decided to combine the World Premiere of the film with a large scale musical production at the film screening after party. All this will take place at the Austin Convention Center on Thursday March 13th. The film will premiere in the Vimeo Theatre and then directly after the screening we will kick off the after party in the Austin Ballroom on the second floor of the Convention Center.

If you know the FORMAX Group productions then you know we only know one size "Big"! This after party event will be no exception!! So far we have the 12-piece band that Stephen Bruton built, and 10 performers (including: Bobby Whitlock & CoCo Carmel, Suzanna Choffell, Malford Milligan, Paula Nelson, David Grissom, Warren Hood....and much more to be announced soon (hint, hint)!

See ya down the road,

Gary Fortin