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Lajitas Screening

gary fortin

The film screening in Lajitas (Big Bend) was a magical night! Big thanks are in order to Trevor Hickle and his wife Nola for hosting such a fun night of watching the film and visiting with new and old friends!  It ceases to amaze me that regardless of where I go and show this film, someone is bound to approach me after the film with teary eyes and tell me a heartfelt story of Stephen Bruton...Lajitas was no exception!  It is safe to say that if you refer to Lajitas being out in the middle of "Nowhere", nobody will argue with you! Here you measure your distance to Mexico in feet not miles! There were a few people that happened to be taking a West Texas vacation in Marfa that drove 2.5 hours just to see the film and get a last glimpse of that infamous "Bruton Smile" which is readily available in the film!  Looks like I will be headed back out to Big Bend in August with the film...I have been invited to screen at Viva Terlingua Film Festival August 14-17. I sure do love the majesty of the high desert!

See ya down the road,

Gary Fortin