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Road To Austin Airs Nationally on PBS

gary fortin

We were very excited when the local Austin, Texas affiliate of PBS (KLRU) asked to include a 60-minute edited version of Road To Austin in their programming. We considered that other Texas PBS affiliate stations would also pick it up for broadcast. We are now excited to announce, (and are beyond grateful) that since RTA first aired in January 2016, it has now been broadcast over 200 times on over 100 affiliate PBS stations nationally. This number will continue to climb and expand as more PBS affiliates (there are over 300) include RTA into their programming as our ratings continue to increase.

If you are interested in seeing the broadcast go to your local PBS station affiliates website and type in Road To Austin into their programming search tab. If by chance you do not see the title send them an email on their contact page and request them to air Road To Austin!

You can buy the full 37-performance, 3.5 hour DVD/Blu-ray at

See Ya'll Down The Road....

Gary Fortin